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MALINSKA REAL ESTATE - Get your key for a quality and unforgettable vacation

Do you dream of your own property by the sea?

Maybe about an APARTMENT or a house with a swimming pool in Malinska?

Sun, sea, beach, enchanting scenes and a landscape that leaves you breathless. In those few words, the entire description of the unique town of Malinska, located on the island of Krk, can be found.

This truly unique location hides numerous interesting things, stories and reasons why you will want to visit it as soon as possible. If you are thinking about buying Nekretnine Malinska, after reading this text you will surely dispel all doubts and dilemmas that are holding you back.

We will introduce you to the history, events and natural charms of this beautiful destination.

So let’s start in order!


Malinska is the center of Dubašnica on the island of Krk and is known as a former port for the export of wood. In addition, it once held the title of the favorite tourist destination of the Viennese aristocracy. It is also known that in the fifteenth century it served as a quality anchorage where ships took shelter in case of strong winds such as the south.

Year 1866. it was of special importance when we talk about the development of Malinska, because it was then that the first steamship anchored here. At that time, Malinska was recognized as a climatic health resort thanks to its pleasant and mild climate and over 260 hours of sunshine per year.

Until today, Malinska has developed into one of the strongest tourist destinations on the island of Krk. It is known for its numerous beaches, extremely developed hotel industry and family tourism.

The remains of the past are very well preserved, so all history lovers will undoubtedly adore this place. We recommend that you visit the early Christian church complex in the “Cickini” forest, where you will find the remains of sacred buildings, a church and a unique church well. In addition, visit the monastery of the Glagolitic Third Order Franciscans in the nearby town of Porat. The monastery also houses a museum with a religious collection and valuable exhibits. Next to the monastery is the beautiful church of St. Mary Magdalene.


The pleasant Mediterranean climate, crystal clear sea and natural beauty had a significant impact on the development of tourism in Malinska. People from all over the world have recognized the charms and wonderful atmosphere of this beautiful town, which is why they return regularly.

In addition to the neatness and cleanliness of the sea, the beaches in Malinska are also known for their excellent equipment. We recommend that you visit Rupa, Mul, Maestral and Rajska Plaža beaches, but we also advise you to discover other hidden pearls.

Enjoy a walk through the pine forest, the unique alleys or along the coast while breathing in the clean and unpolluted island air. Wherever you go, Malinska will surely enchant you!


In addition to natural beauty, Malinska is also famous as a place with a great program, both entertaining and cultural. The diverse offer of content is an added plus, thanks to which all generations can find something that will complete their vacation with quality.

Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy numerous concerts of traditional, classical and popular music. Refresh yourself with delicious dishes in one of the many restaurants that offer quality Mediterranean food. Don’t forget to taste some of the local wines, and after dinner continue the party in top bars and cafes.



If you decide to buy real estate in Malinska for personal use or to rent to tourists, just contact us.

If you intend to rent accommodation to tourists, we offer a complete “turnkey” service.

We will advise you and help you find the ideal solution for you and your family.

Malinska - The Best Experience Ever

Have you already thought about buying Nekretnine Malinska? Were you skeptical because it’s an island? Were you afraid of a lack of content and activities or a bad connection with the mainland? If you have been troubled by any of the above problems, you can breathe a sigh of relief because Malinska on the island of Krk will satisfy all your needs. As you could read, this place has everything you need for an idyllic vacation. You will not lack peace and good fun.

The island of Krk is very well connected to the mainland, so you don’t have to worry about the impossibility of transportation.

Treating yourself to a vacation in a location like this is more than a good idea. And if you also become the owner of a property here, you will see how much you will love this place only then. The beautiful inhabitants and the special charm of this destination will make you feel at home from the first moment.

Do you already have a vision of what kind of house you want? Or maybe you are more interested in an apartment, flat or villa with a pool? Whatever your vision, desire and plan is, we are here to help you realize it.

The Malinska real estate that we can offer you is diverse, so everyone can find what suits them best. We adapt the offer to your preferences and budget and find solutions that will satisfy all your needs.

We are with you during the entire process – from the first to the last step. Contact us with confidence!

"The island of Krk is a wonderful combination of untouched nature, beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and good people."

Chris Mandich
Travel Blogger



"The island of Krk is beautiful, its beauty is breathtaking. I think it is a real miracle of nature!"

Alisa Leinz

"I bought an apartment on the island of Krk and I haven't regretted it. I come back every summer with my family and friends."

Gabriella Notini

"My family enjoys a villa on the island of Krk every summer. Every day is a wonderful adventure with swimming in the crystal clear sea."

Brandon Hills

"As a photographer, I enjoyed the island of Krk and its natural sights. The island is ideal for artistic and creative hobbies."

Jan Dorek

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