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Croperties Real Estate Brokerage Team is an experienced team of licensed real estate agents specializing in the area of the island of Krk

Ivan Perić, dipl. oecc.

licenced real estate agent

Ivan Perić is a native of Cologne, and he came to Croatia with the goal of achieving success in the field of real estate. He graduated in tourism economics at Ca Foščari Faculty in Venice in 2009. and in the same year he passed the state exam for a real estate agent.

Together with his wife, Maja, he begins the expansion of the accommodation rental business in Croatia. Ivan’s role is managing the real estate business, in which he undoubtedly excels. His unique approach, hard work and dedication ensure every client the best possible service.

Ivan also speaks four languages perfectly – Croatian, German, English and Italian, which enables him to communicate even better with clients from all over the world. He follows the trends in the world of real estate in order to enrich the offer of his agency with only the highest quality properties and enable everyone to find something for themselves.

He is aware that choosing real estate is often a stressful decision, so he is armed with patience and understanding for each of his clients. He always tries to find the best solution and option that will match the client’s wishes, preferences, and of course, the budget.

Apart from the world of real estate, Ivan is also interested in internet marketing and SEO optimization. He also practices kick boxing recreationally, and in 2006 won the title of amateur vice champion of the world.

    Maja Perić

    Operations manager

    Maja Perić is the director of operations at the Croperties real estate agency. She gained her many years of experience and knowledge in this field by working in the Anna Tours agency since 2012. year. She is completely dedicated to what she does, and the fact that she really enjoys it is evidenced by the multitude of clients she has worked with. Her business ethics, excellent knowledge of local markets and legal regulations guarantee successful and safe transactions. During her work, Maja always emphasizes the client’s wishes and offers the best solutions.

    She is also decorated with ambition, perseverance and maximum dedication, which has been recognized by clients from all over the world. In order to ensure the best experience for clients, she takes care of the effectiveness and efficiency of the agency’s resources.

    In addition to impeccably managing all operations and activities in the agency, Maja is also a wonderful artistic soul and a lover of interior design who, among other things, is a great speaker.

    English. In addition to all the business roles in which she excels, Maja is particularly proud of one role, and that is motherhood. She knows how to find a balance between business and private life and how to equally enjoy all life’s moments. And so that all the agency’s employees feel good, relaxed and comfortable during working hours, Maja motivates them by sharing her experience, pointing out the need for teamwork and continuous improvement.

      Anna Perić


      Anna Perić is the founder of the agency Anna Tours, which arrives in Croatia from faraway Cologne. Back in 1972. came to Krk where her business journey in the tourism sector for various tour operators began. Having gathered enough knowledge and experience in this field, Anna joined the company in 1994. decided to take a big step – founding her own travel agency. It was then that the Anna Tours agency opened its doors for the first time, and to this day it has many successfully completed projects and satisfied clients.

      In 2009, Anna expanded the scope of business with real estate brokerage, which enabled the agency to grow and develop even faster. Anna is aware of the importance of the client’s wishes and preferences, so she always puts them first. With an individual approach, kindness and open communication, he is happy to help his clients and partners outside of the business relationship. In addition, he can boast excellent knowledge and communication skills in as many as four languages – German, Croatian, Italian and English.

      In addition to achieving enviable business success, Anna is also successful in her private life because she has achieved herself as a mother and grandmother. She is a lover of being in nature, long, relaxing walks and animals. She tries to be a role model, help and support to all her employees, clients and dear people who surround her.


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