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NEKRETNINE DOBRINJ - your home in a beautiful place on the island of Krk

Do you dream of your own house by the sea?

Maybe about a stone house IN THE PLACE of dobrinj?

Dobrinj, a unique town on the island of Krk, is located at approximately two hundred meters above sea level. It is a location that is adorned with many natural and cultural beauties, crystal clear sea and numerous attractions that attract visitors from all over the world. If we take into account all the charms of this wonderful destination, it is not at all surprising that Nekretnine Dobrinj is in such high demand.

If you are wondering what makes Dobrinj special and what distinguishes it from other island towns, find out in the following text.


Numerous bays and coves, clean and tidy beaches and lush vegetation have made the Dobrinj area completely enchanting. And while on one side there is a pine forest that combines aesthetic and practical purposes, on the other side there is a beautiful white pine forest. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the clean air that, in combination with the sea, will purify all your senses.

In this area, you will be able to see many olive trees, which are often called the decoration of this region. A whole range of medicinal Mediterranean plants awaits you.

We suggest that you start your exploration of Dobrinje with a visit to the Biserujki cave, which is a cultural and at the same time fun attraction.

Active tourism is highly developed in Dobrinje precisely thanks to its many natural beauties. So here you will be able to dive, ride a bike on well-maintained trails, rent a boat and try various water sports.


Dobrinj is also known as the “town-museum” thanks to its rich artistic offer. We can safely say that Dobrinj is a real summer artistic oasis, which has become so with the help of the world-famous collector Peter Infeld.

Peter chose Dobrinj and decided to realize his dream here and turn this destination into an art center.

In this way, Dobrinj became the main destination for all lovers of fine art. Therefore, the Infeld Gallery is one of the most popular and largest galleries in Croatia. Every summer, the gallery presents exhibitions of well-known domestic and international artists of various artistic styles.

In addition to the impressive museum, in Dobrinje you can also visit the Sacred Museum Collection, which houses a treasure of Glagolitic manuscripts. Continue the discovery of cultural treasures by visiting the Ethnographic Collection located on three floors, which will undoubtedly delight you. Dobrinj truly hides many cultural treasures, so all lovers of cultural arts will more than enjoy themselves.

For all those who, in addition to the sea, sun, heritage and attractions, it is also important to eat well on vacation, you will not be disappointed. Various restaurants and taverns offer some of the most delicious dishes of this region. So you will have the opportunity to taste the main specialty, the so-called “chewing gum with macaroons”. It is a unique goulash in combination with delicious, homemade pasta.

In addition, you can try some of the best seafood dishes such as fish, squid, octopus and other seafood. The offer is varied, so it will satisfy even the most demanding palates.





Ako se odlučite za kupnju nekretnine otok Krk u Dobrinju za osobnu upotrebu ili za iznajmljivanje turistima, jednostavno nam se javite.

If you intend to rent accommodation to tourists, we offer a complete “turnkey” service.

We will advise you and help you find the ideal solution for you and your family.

The Best Experience Ever

Just read the wonderful descriptions of this destination and you can already imagine spending your vacation here, right? Just imagine how you would fall in love with this impressive location if you visited it just once.

We would dare to say that almost every person who visits Dobrinj, sooner or later, returns. It’s a place that simply draws you in and makes you want to stay here forever. For this very reason, Nekretnine Dobrinj is in high demand. Many decide to buy a vacation home or live in this area, which offers them everything for an ideal stay. From beautiful nature, cultural treasures, useful and entertaining content – Dobrinj has absolutely everything.

If you are interested in buying Nekretnine Dobrinj, we can safely say that you will not regret it. For all families with children, retirees or individuals looking for their own piece of paradise, this is the right place.

You have already decided that Dobrinj is the place where you want to buy real estate, but some things are bothering you? Not sure if you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here? Will you be able to find a property that suits your preferences and your budget? Don’t worry, we are here to answer all your questions and help you in your search. It is only up to you to share all your wishes and conditions with us, and it is up to us to find a suitable property.

Our experts will be with you during the entire process to make the implementation as easy as possible. Feel free to contact us without any obligation for an informative conversation.

"The island of Krk is a wonderful combination of untouched nature, beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and good people."

Chris Mandich
Travel Blogger



"The island of Krk is beautiful, its beauty is breathtaking. I think it is a real miracle of nature!"

Alisa Leinz

"I bought an apartment on the island of Krk and I haven't regretted it. I come back every summer with my family and friends."

Gabriella Notini

"My family enjoys a villa on the island of Krk every summer. Every day is a wonderful adventure with swimming in the crystal clear sea."

Brandon Hills

"As a photographer, I enjoyed the island of Krk and its natural sights. The island is ideal for artistic and creative hobbies."

Jan Dorek

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